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I had the Antibody Array 3 Wheat/Gluten Proteome Sensitivity & Autoimmunity blood test. Is this the right test to diagnose celiac disease?

No, you should have both the tTG-IgA and total serum IgA tests to screen for celiac disease. As long as you produce IgA (total serum IgA confirms you do), tTG-IgA is 98% accurate in measuring elevated antibodies. If you’re IgA deficient, or if there is some other equivocating factor to potentially compromise the blood test,… Read more »

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In follow-up blood testing, why would tTG be negative and DGP be positive?

If the slightly positive test is the DGP-IgA, you can disregard this value, as it can be misleading. If the DGP-IgG is positive it probably means you’re ingesting small amounts of gluten, possibly from cross-contamination, which are raising antibodies but not enough to trigger a tTG or a mucosal response. Basically, in either case you… Read more »

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Is it possible to have a negative blood test, but a positive biopsy?

While rare, it is possible to have a negative blood test and still have celiac disease. tTG sensitivity is approximately 98%, which means that 2% of all celiacs may have a normal tTG level. Sometimes tTG antibodies are not produced enough to show up in the blood stream and can only be detected in the… Read more »

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