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Can a gluten-free diet help me lose weight?

We know that being gluten free does not necessarily equal weight loss. We also know that people who follow a gluten-free diet (and don’t need to) often lack needed nutrients. Most importantly, however, if gluten appears to be a problem for you it’s necessary to first to determine if you’re dealing with celiac disease—which, left untreated, can shorten your lifespan and lead to other serious health issues, and is a genetic disease that tends to cluster in families—non-celiac gluten sensitivity or some other underlying, unrelated cause you’re your symptoms. The blood tests to determine celiac disease require a gluten-containing diet. Once a gluten-free diet is undertaken for more than a few weeks, it makes diagnosis impossible without reintroducing gluten for at least 12 weeks. A “health reason” is the key differentiation to make here. We recommend that those who can benefit from the removal of gluten in their diet do so under the direction of a knowledgeable medical professional to ensure that doing so doesn’t cause or mask other medical issues. January, 2013