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Can Protandim help with the symptoms of celiac disease?

Neither Protandim nor any other herbal or omeopathic remedy has any effect in relieving symptoms of celiac. As for Protandim, in addition, it should be noticed that this mixture of five herbal ingredients actually has some serious risks. In fact, in December 2012 LifeVantage issued a voluntary recall of select lots of Protandim due to… Read more »

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What does “gluten-free” really mean on a product label?

The US FDA gluten-free standard requires that any product labeled “gluten free” contain less than 20ppm of gluten. The most sensitive celiacs have their disease activated with 10mg of gluten in a day’s diet. At 100mg per day, all celiacs are activated. For perspective, a gluten-free food that has less than 20ppm of gluten would… Read more »

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Can I get glutened from the smell of baked bread?

Even if some infinitesimal amounts of gluten are inhaled it’s inconsequential for persons with celiac disease because the amount will never reach the minimal threshold of 10 mg per day needed to cause harm. In addition, inhaling is not ingesting. Gluten needs to reach the small intestine to be toxic for persons with celiac disease…. Read more »

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