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Do most people with celiac disease have the gene turned on at birth?

For celiac disease to develop, you don’t just need the gene(s), but also the contribution of several environmental factors (the first one being gluten, of course), hence the fact that celiac disease can appear at any time and at any age for those who have the gene(s).

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What organisms do you test for in biopsies?

We don’t typically test for organisms in biopsies from the duodenum, unless there is a specific indication to test for one. In that case several can be looked at, such as Giardia Lamblia.

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Do you test for C Diff in biopsies?

There is no known correlation between C Diff and celiac disease. We don’t test for it in biopsies. C Diff is a pathogen of the colon only and we get biopsies from the small intestine.

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