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What exactly is a biomarker, and why is it so essential?

The definition of a biomarker (or biological marker) is a biological substance produced by an organism in response to a disease state, that can be detected by any laboratory or imaging technique thus allowing an assessment of the disease presence and/or progression. As an example, the detection of antibodies against the enzyme tissue transglutaminase (the… Read more »

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I’m concerned about my child having a biopsy. Is it really necessary in children? Can my child have the biopsy when he is older?

While it is understandable for parents to be concerned about this procedure, there are several important facts to consider. First, the procedure takes 10-15 minutes, during which the child is under general anesthesia and closely monitored by a team of anesthesiologists and an experienced physician. Second, research shows that children diagnosed before the age of… Read more »

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