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Will I have trouble absorbing vitamins with celiac disease once in remission?

Someone with celiac disease on strict gluten-free diet should absorb needed vitamins without the need for special supplements, unless there’s: Incomplete healing (persisting symptoms, clinical signs of malnutrition, an abnormal repeat biopsy); or Laboratory evidence of nutritional deficiencies (anemia, low bone mineral density, low cholesterol, low prealbumin, low iron, etc.). We do, however, recommend a… Read more »

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Are there vitamins created specifically for nutrient deficiencies in celiac patients?

The treatment for celiac disease does not require any special additional supplementation from vitamin/mineral supplements, regardless of any prior deficiencies. We do recommend a daily multivitamin. The only treatment at this time is a gluten-free diet, which will repair the absorptive surface and heal the small intestine, preventing any further deficiencies. The most important detail… Read more »

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