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What is carbohydrate deficiency?

If deficient in carbohydrates, the body will utilize protein and fats for energy. Carbohydrates are the body’s most preferred source of energy, and it is not recommended to avoid this group of foods when avoiding gluten. The body is an efficient energy burner, and will take or make glucose from other sources and use it… Read more »

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Do those with celiac disease have trouble absorbing calcium?

When celiac disease is active it prevents the absorption of the proper amounts of many nutrients, but once following a strict gluten-free diet, absorption levels should come close to, meet and possibly exceed normal levels. Even if the gut doesn’t totally heal, most people will absorb enough calcium.

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Are there vitamins created specifically for nutrient deficiencies in celiac patients?

The treatment for celiac disease does not require any special additional supplementation from vitamin/mineral supplements, regardless of any prior deficiencies. We do recommend a daily multivitamin. The only treatment at this time is a gluten-free diet, which will repair the absorptive surface and heal the small intestine, preventing any further deficiencies. The most important detail… Read more »

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