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What does a “weak positive” blood test result for celiac disease mean?

Each lab defines “weak positive” differently. Unfortunately, diagnosis is not always a clear cut positive or negative. If you receive a weak positive, please work with your medical professional to determine the next best course of action. The diagnosis of celiac disease is like an iceberg; the obvious, symptomatic, yet smallest, part of it exists… Read more »

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Are having the genes and symptoms enough to diagnose celiac disease?

No. Many people have the genes and the symptoms, but do not have the disease. It’s difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are common to many health disorders. In addition, nearly 1/3 of the population has at least one of the genes and many never develop the disease.

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Should I seek a second opinion?

A second opinion may be a good idea, but remember that celiac disease is difficult to diagnose because it mimics many other diseases. The current tests are very good for detecting it—4 days or even 2 weeks off gluten shouldn’t affect them—so if your results were negative (both antibody and biopsy) then it’s wise to… Read more »

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