Public policy

Public PolicyAt The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, our predominant research vision is to unlock the mystery of the damage caused by gluten in people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity as a way to develop a permanent cure for these conditions.

In our quest for the cure, we hope to develop an alternative to the gluten-free diet for medical treatment of celiac disease. We are also concerned with improving the diagnosis of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, as well as treating patients who respond poorly to a gluten-free diet. In addition, we are working to identify treatments to prevent the development of celiac disease in at-risk children.

From a public policy perspective, we are a founding member of the American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA), a Washington, DC-based organization focused on better public policy for those living with the disease (labeling laws, school meals, insurance coverage).  We also founded The North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease.  The NASSCD is the U.S. national society of medical, scientific and allied health professionals in the field of celiac disease. The organization’s overall mission is to advance the fields of celiac disease and gluten-related disorders by fostering research and by promoting excellence in clinical care, including diagnosis and treatment of patients with these conditions.