A cure is our ultimate goal

We can make it happen by 2026

The goal of The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center is simple and straightforward: to find a cure for celiac disease by 2026, which gives us enough time for intensive, focused research.

While the goal is simple to state, making it happen is more challenging. Achieving this goal requires coordinated effort, intensive research, and adequate funding.

Fortunately, we have world-renowned celiac disease experts and researchers leading our organization. Our research team is led by Dr. Bana Jabri, who has contributed to groundbreaking celiac disease research and may be the first to create a mouse model for the disease—a critical key to developing the cure for celiac disease.

Under Dr. Jabri’s leadership, our team is at the forefront of celiac disease research, sponsoring 28 research projects in the last 10 years. In addition, our staff experts have authored or coauthored a total of 44 published celiac disease studies. Through our research, we’re striving to identify new treatments for celiac disease and to find a cure.