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How common are severe complications from the biopsies? My 8 year old son had a pretty severe complication when he did his biopsy and I haven’t been able to find anything that even comes close to the kind of reaction he had. Also, if a person has a bad complication does that make them exempt from having future biopsies?

Severe complications from duodenal biopsies in children are a rare occurrence, around 1 case every 3,000 procedures. The 3 most common are: aspiration (of fluid into the lungs), bleeding (a duodenal collection of blood) and perforation. If they occur, a prompt admission in a pediatric intensive care unit is warranted. The risk in repeating biopsies after a complication has occurred depends on what kind of complication and what underlying circumstances were present, so it has to be carefully evaluated on a case by case basis. March, 2017